Apr 28, 2024

New Creation: Jetty


Hello, my name is Jetty.  I was raised in Dallas, in a very abusive home. I started using drugs at an early age.  All of my friends and cousins smoked pot and I thought it was really cool.  By the time I started High School I was using any kind of drug I could get a hold of.

Later I got married, but my wife divorced me because she wanted to live a better life without drugs.  My problems only got worse after the divorce.  Depression overwhelmed me and I quickly spiraled downhill.  I ended up in prison and decided to give my life to Christ.  But I didn’t have the tools I needed to stay clean and keep God in my life.

I landed back in jail, but I knew I had to do something different with my life.  I asked God to help me.  I then got in touch with Adult & Teen Challenge of Texas.  I never had joy in my heart before. I never thought I was worthy of love, let alone God’s love.  Teen Challenge has given me the tools I need to carry Jesus into the workplace and allow Him to direct all aspects of my life for His glory.  Thank you Jesus and thank you Teen Challenge.