Apr 11, 2024

Alumni Spotlight: Navy McGee

A Love Story of Forgiveness and Reconciliation in Marriage.


rehabs in TexasTeen  Challenge graduate Navy McGee is blessed with a beautiful wife and two young daughters and is thriving with his new job. However, life was not always filled with joy for Navy. In 2010 his marriage was on the rocks after another DWI. “I lived a life of self-pleasure and self-gratification,” said Navy. “I was depressed and addicted to alcohol. I had plans to attempt suicide, but before I could end my life, I got pulled over by the cops for a third DWI and went to prison.”

“When I got arrested, I left my family high and dry with no money. I thought it was over. I thought I was losing everything. But God said, ‘I have this.’ It doesn’t make any sense in the natural, but God works in the supernatural. He knew that a healing process needed to take place. While in prison, I began reading the Bible and had an encounter with God. I read the book of Acts and the words just started jumping off the pages. I still had to go through the consequences of my actions, but God did not condemn me. He forgave me.”

“After being released from prison, I heard about Teen Challenge and went into the program wanting everything to be fixed immediately. I told God that I wanted my kids back, my wife back, and my job back. However, I quickly learned it was all in God’s timing, not mine.”Navy’s wife Sheree wanted nothing to do with him. Tired of the alcoholism and addictive behavior from her husband, she had divorce papers ready to sign and a boyfriend waiting for her. She was ready to call it “quits” and throw in the towel.

“While I was in Teen Challenge it dawned on me that more than my job, money, and my family, God wanted ME! That’s when things started to change. I prayed and fasted for 40 days and came to a point where I realized that all I wanted was God’s will for my life…nothing more and nothing less. The Lord gave me a vision and told me to stop looking back and to keep my eyes fixed on Him. We were facing foreclosure on our home and having our car repossessed. But God kept saying, ‘If you’re about My business, I’m going to take care of your business.’ I had to trust in Him completely.”

Navy&Sheree McGee

Navy & Sheree celebrate God’s miracles in marriage.

Sheree said, “I grew up in a single-parent family after my father walked out when I was 1 years old. I wanted to make sure my kids still had a relationship with their father. Even after filing for divorce and not believing our marriage would work, I didn’t want to hinder my children’s relationship with their father. In the process of taking my daughters to see Navy, I witnessed a transformation and spiritual growth in my husband while he was in Teen Challenge. I got rid of the boyfriend and knew I had to do what was right by God and my family. I let go and let God take over. I had to learn patience, forgiveness, and how to listen. The Lord was growing me in my faith and restoring my marriage.”

As time went on, romantic feelings blossomed all over again for Sherree and Navy. The night that Navy graduated from Teen Challenge, the McGees renewed their wedding vows. It was the start of a new beginning.

“Our past does not define us,” said Navy. “What defines us is our identity in Christ and how we live today. Our sins of yesterday have been forgiven and washed by the blood of Jesus. Love is a choice. We wake up every day and we choose each other. It’s the same love that God has for each of us. You can’t break that kind of love. When I fall, I make amends quickly so things don’t fester. I try to honor my wife and lift her up like Christ loved the church in Ephesians 5:25-28.”

The McGees were able to keep their house and their car, and this year they celebrate 21 years of marriage. They are putting Christ in the center of their relationship. They continue to trust in God each day and are both thankful for God’s amazing love in saving their marriage.